BOTTOM LINE for cover prices?

Custom made Covers without font = US$50

Added Title & Authors Name – US$10

Paid into my PayPal account.

Email me at tsrabookcovers (AT) gmail (DOT) com

And provide the following information(as a minimum):

1. Any ideas for the cover that you’d like to represent your book?

    If YES, please give me as much detailed description as you can, you know your characters and story intimately.


To minimise the time it takes to get the cover you envisage, please check out images at the following Licensed Stock Images sites and send me the images you like & links to them, I can verify their availability and license conditions and get back to you if there are any serious restrictions.

I have an account with 123RF, so there would be no extra charges involved for you, but can purchase images from the others if you are willing to pay extra to cover their cost)





OR, any other Licensed Stock image sites you find.

Do not even think about checking out the myriad of ‘Free” stock photo sites – you cannot safely use them for book covers.

2. Please resist overly complex, cluttered or fussy covers.The Design Industry recommends covers to be ‘Simple and Relevant’.

3. If you already have a Brand I need to duplicate, e.g.,

    Fonts used (provide font name),

    Font Layout,

    Style of cover,

    Logo or your photo(send logo / photo),


4. Title?

5. Author Name?

6. Genre?

7. Back Cover Blurb?

8. How many pages do you think the POD version will have(so I can use the correct CreateSpace template size)


I DO NOT install Barcodes and ISBN numbers – I leave a space for CreateSpace to install them.


Apart from any legally required Credits for Images used, etc, it would also be greatly appreciated if I was given credit in your book for the cover – Chris Graham TSRA Book Covers – and I am permitted to add it to my blog Published Book Covers Section.

To see covers already commissioned, scroll through the 3D gallery below:

3D Your Book Next Small 3D MVV SMALL

3D PR SMALL 3D LiaGoS Small

Loretta Livingstone SMALL

Judy E Martin SMALL Joelle LeGendre SMALL

Jaye Marie SMALL Jack Eason TTB SMALL

Kevin Morris SMALL

Melissa Simpson New Series SMALL

Melissa Simpson Old Series SMALL

Jo Robinson New SP Series SMALL

Jo Robinson Old SP Series SMALL

Steve K Smy MoH SMALL Steve K Smy TGB SMALL

Steve K Smy G1 Series SMALL


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