This section is dedicated to my blog Guests who may or may not be Authors themselves,

but are vitally important to the success of Authors.

Just click on their links to read more.

I give you:


Danielle English

Professional Editors:

dennis-de-roseDennis De Rose

cropped-margaret-langstaff-editorial-services1Margaret Langstaffml-02

susan-uttendorfsky-logoSusan Uttendorfsky


img_0628aColline Kook-Chun

michelle-clements-jamesMichelle Clements James

Author Support Organisations

pattimari-peterPnP Authors Promotions

If YOU would like to be listed

Send me YOUR article


tsraauthorarticles (AT) gmail (DOT) com



(as applicable)

44 thoughts on “SUPPORTERS

  1. Chris you are awesome! I’ve said it before.

    I’m trying to work on a way of offering what P’kaboo does, in here. But we are in fact a for-profit mini publishing company. I have a page on the site listing people who offer author help on a freelance / contract basis, that is editing, graphic design, illustration, book layout, etc. Also, there is the P’kaboo Book Club on Facebook, where we interview authors, do launches and talk about books and sometimes just play games. It’s not always very active in there, but there is room for much more action. I would like to offer it as another venue for reviewers and interviews. Let me know your thoughts on these ideas?

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