if you are NOT already in my Authors Hall of Fame


If you are a Professional Company writer / blogger / blog post writer,


represent any organisation who sells assignments writing to students,

(College, University, etc), and/or, you are

seeking to publish posts containing links to your sponsors, affiliates, or assignment writing organisations


Your posts WILL be rejected!

If you are an AUTHOR and would like to be in my AUTHORS HALL of FAME, introduced to the world through my blog and other associated online media, plus, have the benefit of free promotional opportunities for your published books, please carefully read and comply to the following:



So Please Read Carefully:

Write your own introductory article

NOT a write-up that can be found elsewhere, or a Media Kit, 

or only give links to pages and ask me to create a promo for you.

You need to earn your free promo opportunities 😀


Most authors are not shy but do tend to spend most of their efforts on detailing and trying to sell their books only – please remember that Readers love to know more about their latest author find, so if you just keep churning out the same information or ‘Buy my Book’ pitch on everyone’s blogs, your potential fans will get fed up and look for a new favourite author who really cares about them!

I cannot emphasize enough that a Guest Post, on any blog, to introduce yourself to potential readers, fans and possible future friends is a little more involved than re-using old material that may have already been seen and remembered by them from your own blog or previous interviews, so please make the effort – it IS worth it for every blog you post on, not just mine.


The articles can be as long as you like to make them, up to 1000 words is suggested.

The best way is to write a new Guest article from scratch each time, not just for my blog, but for every blog you get the opportunity to be posted on.

That’s why I ask that authors tell their own story as if they are meeting people for the first time and are genuinely interested in getting to know them, not just nodding, smiling and walking on after a few sociable words.

It’s a chance for you to make a good impression and optimize the promotional opportunity when your article gets automatically and manually tweeted, re-blogged and uploaded onto several media networks by me, you and my blog visitors.

It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills…

For example, you can include:

Why you wrote the book(s)

What you did to get them published

Any other interests / hobbies you have

Other Requirements & Checklist:

Send photos of ALL your book covers because this is an ideal opportunity to promote them all.

A photo (or several) of yourself that you won’t be embarrassed by.

NOTE: If you do not want to use a photo of yourself, please ensure the photo, image or logo you prefer to use, is LICENSED TO YOU FOR YOUR USE, in order to avoid copyright infringement issues being sent to you.

I will not, in any way, accept any responsibility for your failure to comply with copyright requirements and will refuse, or withdraw posted articles, if notified about copyright infringements within your articles and/or images used.

Provide (and check they are valid) full link addresses (i.e. http://www.*****) to all the online places where people can follow you e.g,:

Website – Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest  –  About.me

LinkedIn – Goodreads – Librarything – Shelfari

And anywhere else you can be found!

Your Author Pages ON:


Barnes & Noble

(You may be surprised to find them there

if you think you are ONLY on Amazon)




and anywhere else they can be obtained!

Email subject: GUEST AUTHOR ARTICLE to

tsraauthorarticles (AT) gmail (DOT) com

(address given this way to avoid spamming programs,

please substitute the proper symbols)

Please note that I may need 7 to 10 days to prepare them for scheduling and publishing online!

First Impressions DO matter

Please avoid selfies and photos taken when you were having an unguarded moment or looking worse for wear 😀

You don’t need to have it taken by a professional photographer, but a nice photo of you looking Authorly’ makes a good first impression.


1. Why do I ask my new Guest Authors to write about themselves, rather than about their book(s)?

Because there are already an excessive number of ‘Buy My Book’ spam tweets, promos and the like already circulating around Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogs and many other media, so potential readers usually switch off and turn away from them.

It satisfies humankind’s natural curiosity, aka nosiness, about other people, especially those who have done something the vast majority of others may never do themselves, i.e., written books and actually published them.

It takes authors out of their normal comfort zone, making them learn how to talk about themselves without sounding pompous, self-serving, conceited, etc.

This is also a useful talent when dealing with Agents, Publishers, etc, as well 😀

It gives authors the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their writing talents are not just limited to the books and stories they’ve already written.

It can help authors make their blog ‘About Me’ pages more interesting and creative.

It gives them something to show potential Agents and Publishers when asked what THEY are doing already to promote themselves…


2. Why do I recommend that authors who have already been guests, send me further articles about topics they’d like to share, or “HowTo’ informative articles?

It helps keep them (and subsequently, their works) in the public mind and eye, especially if they have them posted regularly, e.g., once per month.

It gives authors the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their writing talents are not just limited to the books and stories they’ve already written.

It’s much more effective than constant spam-like “Buy My’ campaigns (which are prone to being ignored).

They increase their chances of being picked up by search engines, like Google.

It will introduce them to new potential readers, as well as reinforce their presence with long term followers and fans.

It gives them something to show potential Agents and Publishers when asked what THEY are doing already to promote themselves…


What do YOU get?

1. If your article is accepted, you’d be in my Authors Hall of Fame along with 600+ other authors to date.

2. Your article will be automatically and manually broadcast once to almost 16,000 followers / connections of my WordPress Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pages, my Tumblr Blog, Bloglovin’ blog, and my Flipboard and MIX Pages.

3. You can use the share buttons under the article to reblog and send it everywhere you have an online presence, (e.g., your website, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flipboard & Mix).

i.e., You now have a Promotional Platform on a blog other than your own and you may now progress to HERE 🙂


This is a Family Friendly Blog, so if your book subjects are not suitable for Families, you and they may not be promoted.

I’ve been asked by several authors to elaborate on the Family Friendly aspect of my conditions.

It’s difficult to know where to draw the line but I’ve come up with the following that I hope will help:


Graphic descriptions of the sex act, consensual or (worst) non-consensual.


Unnecessarily graphic descriptions of violent acts.

These days particularly, there’s growing concern that young people are being influenced by watching this on TV, Movies or in their computer games, leading them to become desensitised to the consequences for both the perpetrator and the victim and trying out the violent methods on others without compunction.


Gratuitous use of swear words for the sake of ‘realism’ and ‘sensationalism’ rather than to add to the story that is being told.

Like everything else in life, it’s a matter of moderation in all things – extremism and its possible effects on young minds is my main concern.

Racial, sexual orientation, or other forms of discrimination will not be accepted.

So – ask yourself this question:

Would I like MY spouse, children, parents, other relatives or friends to read this book and know it was ME who wrote it?’

Hope this helps.

134 thoughts on “if you are NOT already in my Authors Hall of Fame

    Life’s beauty and its fragrances, captured in all its splendour and imaginative words is subtly portrayed in ‘Poet’s Touch’. Join me on this beautiful journey through my poems where I shall take you through different vibrant shades of emotions which will open the mystical doors of happiness. Let us all experience a Touch of warm feelings that are so beautifully encased as delicate pearls in these Poetic Creations.

    From childhood, Kamal had an interest in writing poems of her imagination and had made a small rough book of her poems where she would write and sometimes recite them to her family and friends. Her style of writing poems is quite unique as she does not rhyme her verses. She loves taking up any Word that appeals to her and composes it into a pleasing and exquisite piece of art.

    This is my first endeavour at publishing Poetry through my book called, ‘Poet’s Touch’ on a great platform like Social Media, though my poetries are being presented in HP Magazine, few Newspapers and with friends too. The poems are composed of 77 poems that has a subtle touch of love, delight, a bit of sadness, little treats of happiness and smiles as you go on this wonderful jaunt, turning page after page with assorted poems that add abundance and richness at their very best.

    Kamal’s forte is about nature, so many of her poems have a feeling of being one with Mother Earth. Readers can with ease take a moment to go through her poetry book that is simple to read and leaves them with a feeling of joy.

    This is all about me as an Author, Chris. I hope this is fine or I have to give something more. Do let me know. Sorry I am a complete novice in all this.


      • I’m reorganizing and ramping up P’kaboo. Honeymead Books (my husband’s) will become an imprint of P’kaboo with its more quirky genres; my daughter and I are brainstorming it. Iain is never far, he knows… we all sense his presence. In the interim, thanks to our wonderful editor in Durban (blogger “Colonialist”, author of “Tabika”, “Regina”, “Baa Baa Black Belt”, “Forest Circle Quest” and now “Darx Circle”), four new titles were published in 2017/18 while the children and I worked on finding our feet here in Ireland. I’ve taken on new authors and we’re working on their titles; I want to expand, looking for a sales team etc. As we’re speaking I’m fixing up the website for mobile and PC responsive design; also working on different models for commerce.

        We’ve run a contest here in Ireland in December, for writers under 18 and are updating what is happening with it on our home page.

        An ongoing challenge is to find good but reasonably priced cover designers. This is why I asked… of course no designer wants to hear that “reasonably priced” bit. LOL

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  2. Hello, thank you for creating this great community. I have a flash nonfiction about writing my memoir and would like to share. Would you please advise the best way to submit an article. Thank you!

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  3. Hey! I’m not actually seeking exposure, i found your list of fantasy jobs via google! I manually typed the jobs into a google sheet, and it can now be used for tabletop roleplaying games! I’d like to post it (with credit of course), but thought i’d ask for permission since you gathered all 100 jobs.

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  4. Hi Chris- If my book was published by a small independent press associated with a literary collective that I am a member of, does that make me a “professional” writer? We are basically just trying to provide a venue for our Collective members and not bleed money while doing it

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  5. I’d love to take part in this Chris but I don’t have pictures of my book covers. Total amateur here! Still what a wonderful opportunity for indie writers and I look forward to reading future posts. 🙂

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