if you ARE already in my Authors Hall of Fame…


This page applies ONLY to authors who have already sent me an Author Introductory Article And are in my blog Authors Hall of Fame

This Authors Platform also intended to help you remind people that you and your books still exist 😀


Once you have appeared as a Guest Author, you can submit further articles about any subject you’d like to share, (once per month is recommended), providing they’re Family Friendly.

Why do I recommend that authors who have already been guests, send me further articles about topics they’d like to share, or “HowTo’ informative articles?

It helps keep them (and subsequently, their works) in the public mind and eye, especially if they have them posted regularly, e.g., once per month.


It gives authors the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their writing talents are not just limited to the books and stories they’ve already written.

It’s much more effective than constant spam-like “Buy My Book’ campaigns (which are prone to being ignored).

By posting articles outside their own blogs, they increase their chances of being picked up by search engines, like Google.

It will introduce them to new potential readers, as well as reinforce their presence with long term followers and fans.

It gives them something to show potential Agents and Publishers when asked what THEY are doing already to promote themselves...


Please include your photo(Required) and any other visuals you’d like included in the post (Optional).

Email Subject: ANY TOPIC ARTICLE to

tsraauthorarticles (AT) gmail (DOT) com

(address given this way to avoid spamming programs,

please substitute the proper symbols).


You are also eligible for free book promotions on this blog, i.e., if they are FREE, DISCOUNTED, NEW RELEASE or DEBUT.

These can be sent to me at any time but please do not wait until the last minute try and give me at least 7 (SEVEN) days notice!


Email subject: BOOK PROMOTION to

tsraauthorarticles (AT) gmail (DOT) com

(address given this way to avoid spamming programs,

please substitute the proper symbols)


Attach a book cover photo (non-Amazon style – no LOOK INSIDE tags) 

Give full details of when it will be free, discounted or published (if NEW)




Your website address, plus relevant links to ALL applicable online stores IN FULL http://www.***********



This is a Family Friendly Blog, so if your book subjects are not suitable for Families, you and they may not be promoted.

I’ve been asked by several authors to elaborate on the Family Friendly aspect of my conditions.

It’s difficult to know where to draw the line but I’ve come up with the following that I hope will help:


Graphic descriptions of the sex act, consensual or (worst) non-consensual.


Unnecessarily graphic descriptions of violent acts.

These days particularly, there’s growing concern that young people are being influenced by watching this on TV, Movies or in their computer games, leading them to become desensitised to the consequences for both the perpetrator and the victim and trying out the violent methods on others without compunction.


Gratuitous use of swear words for the sake of ‘realism’ and ‘sensationalism’ rather than to add to the story that is being told.

Like everything else in life, it’s a matter of moderation in all things – extremism and its possible effects on young minds is my main concern.

So – ask yourself this question:

Would I like MY spouse, children, relatives or friends to read this book and know it was ME who wrote it?’

Hope this helps.

39 thoughts on “if you ARE already in my Authors Hall of Fame…

  1. You want ME… ahem, I mean us, of course… on your blog once a month? Really??? I would never have been that presumtious! I’ve been waiting till book 3 was finished, but at the current rate of knots, that migbt never happen. But I could drum up the odd guest blog post now and again. And when I say odd… 😁

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