Hello from Honduras

On 9th May 2013, Joanna left a comment under my page about Josh Rader’s book ‘Detective Stephy Wephy Holmes in: The Missing Cake’, saying the following:

I am a fourth grade teacher in Honduras.

This year students selected books for their reading fair. The book Detective Stephy Wephy Holmes in: The Missing Cake, was selected by two fourth graders. They loved the book, got inspired to give their best. They reached out to Josh Rader, author of the book and the class had an interview with him via skype. After the interview kids in the classroom are reading and writing with passion. Highly recommend the book!!”

In subsequent correspondance with Josh, I found out that not only had these kids interviewed him, but also his Brother Jared, who is an author as well, plus, to add to the excitement, Josh and Jared are twins and it was Twins Day in Honduras!

I was intrigued about these enterprising kids and their teacher, so I asked Josh to contact them and ask if they would contact me (after all, wouldn’t YOU be surprised if I contacted you before you knew anything about me?)

They were happy to let me know all about themselves, so without further ado, allow me to introduce them and their Teacher and Teacher’s Aid

Submitted by Joanna Mojica (Teacher)

image AOur school, located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is a catholic, bilingual school, which believes in an integral education with high moral values.

This year in particular has been full of wonderful experiences, for me as a teacher and for my students as well. I actually have 20 students (my fourth graders are nine and ten years old) and I teach them Language Arts, Science and Social Studies classes.

I have always believed that you learn more by doing, which is why I create, with my students, many projects which enrich their learning process. 

image CThis year, the students homework for the whole year has been reading and filling their homework log worksheet. Doing a reading log consists of reading a book or short story and doing a summary of what they read. It has been such a success that the kids are even reading during weekends and doing summaries.

Every Friday we select a story from the independent reading list and we read, discuss and do other activities.

image DWe are blessed to have internet in the classroom, plus smartboards and iPads, which have given me as a teacher, the opportunity to create a whole different experience for the kids in the classroom. (The students have their own iPads from the third grade and up.)

The use of this technology in the classroom helps both teachers and students to access a variety of resources and vast opportunities for creating great classes.

image EWe download books in iBooks, so that every day the students have the opportunity to read and explore videos and many other educational apps.

image BAfter their interview with Josh and Jared Rader, my students got inspired to read and write more!  We are currently doing a comic project, in which the kids have, as a central theme, “No Gossip”.  They have been creating their comic strips and stories in pairs and I am really impressed with their creativity and improvement in writing.

Along with the comic project, my students have been writing their own inspirational poems, each student is making their own personal e-poetry booklet, and this week each student will select one poem and video record it.

Parents feel very excited about the experience my fourth graders had in interviewing the authors Josh and Jared Rader; it was an event, as they said, they will never forget.


53 thoughts on “Hello from Honduras

  1. Hello, I’m one of the students of the experience.
    I agree with all of you, and when we were on the interview I couldn’t open my mouth because, I was so surprised of how kids from Honduras can communicate with authors from Kansas like Mr. Rader.
    I want to write more, and I already got inspired with this experience we had.

    Thank you for showing our comments!


  2. What a wonderful story and an exceptional teacher!
    She will reach more children with her methods.
    I worked in a school system as an administrative secretary and my husband was a principal.
    We saw many good teachers in the system who extended themselves to reach each child with great results.
    I love to hear stories about how children learn to love reading!
    My husband illustrates my children’s books and that is our goal to foster a love of reading in children.
    I hope soon to publish my first book, I will let you know when on my blog.
    Stay tuned!!
    Love your blog, Chris!!


  3. This teacher sound superb.
    The children there seem more motivated than thos at school here.
    The idea of a skype interview with an author is wonderful since it’s going to encourage the children not just to read but to write as well giving us our next crop of new authors.
    More schools should try it.


    • What children REALLY need are:
      Parents and Teachers who take time to teach them how to read, cook, clean, make things, do things and use their imagination to the full 🙂
      They ALSO need to be given a chance in life …


  4. Hello Mr. Chris,
    I just wanted to tell you that we’ve been writing our own Poetry Booklet,
    We are very excited, and I think I have improved a lot in my writing.
    Thank you for reading my comment.


  5. Hello Mr. Chris.
    I am a student from Mrs. Joanna’s class and I am happy about this expirience.
    I enjoy reading this blog and reading all what you and other people post.


  6. Hello Mr. Chris,
    I am a student from Mrs. Joanna.
    I just wanted to tell you that we are very thankful because, you have posted our pictures in your blog. T
    Thank you so much.


  7. Hey! I’m a student of Mrs.Joanna, too.
    I really like your blog!
    I’m very inspired with Josh and Jared, to read and write!
    We already recieved Josh and Jared’s books here in school!! 🙂
    We are very excited!


    • Hey there Vale,
      Glad you like the blog, I hope you like the pages about everyone in fourth grade 🙂

      I see you are now one of my blog followers … Thank You 🙂
      I’m following YOUR blog too 😛


    • Hi Guys, hope you are enjoying my blog …
      If you look in FREEBIES you will find books from Josh & Jared Rader 🙂
      In NEWS FLASH I have a place for Children’s Books …
      Why don’t you tell me the authors and books you like, then I can let everyone know about them 🙂


  8. You’re welcome
    I am glad that you answered me


  9. As the author of “Sandy’s Dream” I can’t tell how amazing the process this has been.
    The responses I received from Joanna’s class, I could feel the emotion behind it.
    I’m so glad I could reach out and inspire kids to read and write, to carry out their dreams.

    Thank you Joanna for setting up the interview from Honduras, Chris for posting the experience from England.
    I never thought the book I wrote in college would have an international influence 🙂


  10. Your words just made me realize how blessed I am for being a Teacher, the feeling is just priceless!!

    My mom came to tears when she read your post and comments!!

    It’s been such a nice day 🙂


  11. Chris,

    I really appreciate you writing a post of my fourth grade class, its been an amazing experience this year.

    After my students interviewed the author Josh Rader, their insight to read and write has grown.

    I am grateful to Josh Rader, and his brother Jared Rader as well, because of their willingness to reach out to my students.

    It was a complete surprise for my fourth graders to see a post on your blog, with all the information and pictures of them.

    They all recall they will never forget the fourth grade, for their experiences meeting authors and becoming famous in the net.

    They are more than excited for all the opportunities.

    Thanks again!


    • I’m glad they will have such great memories of their fourth grade Joanna.

      But I’m sure Josh and Jared will agree with me when I say YOU are a truly inspiring and resourceful teacher, who is not only the best teacher your class could have had, but a credit to your school and to the Teaching Profession.

      Keep in touch and update us from time to time 🙂


      • Having a father in the Teaching Profession and friends and family as well, I completely agree with Chris.
        Joanna is truly inspiring and resourceful teacher.
        She’s the one that makes her kids want to pursue their dreams and become better students.
        Thank you Joanna!


      • Yes Mr.Chris that’s true, Mrs.Joanna is a resourceful teacher because, for me, in my heart she is a hero.
        With her I learned the most beautiful things in the world that a teacher could give me and you know what? She gave me her heart to always follow my dreams and now I’am doing that.
        When I grow up I want to be a singer and a fashion designer.
        But who teach me to never give up and always work hard? Only one person in the world, Mrs.Joanna, the best teacher I ever had and seen.
        Thank you Mrs.Joanna for being always at my side.I❤U


  12. As the author of ‘Detective Stephy Wephy Holmes in the Missing Cake’, I really enjoyed the interview with the students.
    I think I enjoyed it more than they did 🙂
    Mrs. Mojica showed me compositions the students wrote of how they are inspired to continue reading and writing.
    She even showed me a story one of the students was writing.
    Receiving this from the students truly makes writing worth it.


  13. Chris, this is a truly wonderful venture you’ve started with Spotlight.
    Thank you for organizing (contacts, photos, interview) and posting this particular Spotlight on Honduras.
    It’s heartwarming to read about children getting excited about reading and writing 🙂


      • Hello Mr.Chris my name is Alejandra I am one of the fourth grade students.
        I really enjoyed this year with my teachers and all the experiences we had.
        Now you mark my life to follow my dreams and never give up!


  14. Incredible experience for the children.
    Bring them right to the source of the beloved books, and they will see that authors, are just like they are.
    I bet a few of them will stay with writing all of their lives, and of course, reading.


        • I hope that it will inspire more authors to meet their fans/audiences, not only at book signings, invited Library Readings or blog interviews, but also using very means possible.
          I also hope that any teachers reading it will also be inspired to emulate Joanna and arrange such interviews / school visits, etc.
          The more kids that get this kind of experience, the better 🙂



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