Looking for someone to host you as a Guest Author?

As well as me, here is a list of other blogs who do just that – select and click on their links!

If you find any of the links no longer working, or you’d like to give me feedback on your experience with them, or YOU know of a blog you’d recommend and is not already listed (full http://www…. address required), please use the comments box below to let me know so I can update the list accordingly.

Thank you 😀

cropped-blog-image4Ali Isaac Storytellere1cfb4f0174bb326fbc90427856ca346

Purple butterflyButterfly on a Broomstick (Linzé Brandon)LinzeBrandon Author Photo


unnamed-2DKC Promotional Services (Kathryn)unnamed

small-logo-FYMFire Your Mentor (Harshajyoti (Harsh) Das)Harsh


jb-logoJems Booksjanice-spina

N N Light Author PromotionsN.N. Light Author PromotionsN N Light Author Promotions image

trigger-in-his-bedNewauthoronline (Kevin Morris)kevin-morris-and-his-guidedog-trigger

smt-white-bg1Reading Recommendations (Author Susan M. Toy)SMT


RI 01Ryder Islington’s BlogRI 02

thCAVZYV15South Branch Scribbler (Author Allan Hudson)Allan Hudson


cropped-alana-munro-author-bloggerThe Author Who Supports (Alana Munro)1392738_553755941366750_150003209_n


tmunewThoughtful Minds Unitedmenew


cropped-blog-banner_new_final1Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books2

WG logoWriter’s Gambit (Juneta Key)25129_401805986984_1565828_n


23 thoughts on “PROMOTERS-BLOGS

  1. Hey Chris, I just got back from visiting my family in NY. I was on my sister’s iPad which for me is a very challenging format. I know you posted my article, but am unsure WHERE to find it.
    I would love to be interviewed by any and all interested in my debut novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador.” It is a historically based, coming of age, adventure story. Although the protagonist is 24, she is a late bloomer (though not nearly as late as I, who finally blossomed at the age of 50-something! ;->)

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  2. Another spot to add a name to if you’re still working on this part. I have been offering on a first come/ first serve basis author/character interviews. This has proven a wonderful way to find (and meet) new authors for me.

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  3. Hi Chris,
    This is a wonderful resource. I presently am in need of bloggers for several tours that are coming up in the next few weeks. I was wondering if you would be interested. I also have a blog that is set up purposely for blog tours and building a special area for readers to find out about new authors or experienced. The blog is a sister site to my indie publishing service website Dragon Knight Chronicles. The blog is I also have another sister site that is strictly for writers. They are all connected on the top menu bar if anyone wants to check them out.

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    • Hi Katie, when you’ve got your Spotlight Corner and Guest Writers submissions sections up, send me an email with your logo, photo and links so I can add you to my Authors Resources Central (please advise relevant pages) 😀


      • I will add these onto my writers corner website today. The site for tour items though is all located on the readers corner site. I will have to add a spotlight corner on that site as well.

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  4. Hi Chris, I don’t know if it counts, but I have a new regular feature on my blog called the Friday Fiction, which is all about spotlighting Indie author’s writing, rather than an interview, although as you know, my blog is not primarily about author promotion. Does it count to be included here?

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