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  From the depths of hell is when my writing a novel came about. I sat down at my computer and began to write to relieve my pain of discontent. I knew I wasn’t happy. I knew I couldn’t do anything about it because I was married to a man who suffered anxiety and couldn’t […]

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Click HERE to go THERE Then scroll down to see all the pages PnP Author’s mission is to help new authors overcome some of the same obstacles that PnP Members have pushed through; and get low cost publishing and promotion that works. If YOU would like to join PnP Authors CLICK  HERE

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Please read carefully~ April’s magazine is up on the navigation board. We have changed our magazine from PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine to PnPAuthor Magazine. 1. we now have a different way of commenting, and we think it will easier for you to comment. 2. Each page will have a comment area, and also to send the […]

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PnP Authors began as a source to promote their own books, Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi state proudly, but its members of notable authors and poets grew so fast that they renamed it, PnP Authors Promotions, and began promoting other authors who joined PnP; FREE. Pattimari began putting together spotlights for the author’s book, and sent […]

Guess where you can find me NOW…

The nice people at PnP Promotions have put me in their January 2015 Magazine   PnPAuthors  Promotional Magazine January issue, page 8      Home Blog About Photo Gallery Contact Videos Forums Guestbook Page 8 page 8 PnPAuthor’s  Promotional Magazine _____________________________                            Peter and Pattimari publish their first issue; they discuss PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine and how it was […]

PnPAuthors Making Strides for Cancer – It can affect ANYONE!

Melinda Travis (Daughter of Pattimari Sheets and Peter Cacciofi of PnPAuthors Promotions) and organiser of PnPAuthors Group Making Strides for Cancer is participating in a Walk for Cancer this coming Sunday, in Fresno. If, like me (because I’m in UK), you can’t join this event in person, but would like to make a donation, click on […]


GET A LOAD OF WHAT PATTIMARI SHEETS AND PETER CACCIOLFI of PnP Promotions MADE FOR ME!!!!! To see it CLICK HERE look under BOOK TRAILERS TAB on pull down menu click The Story Reading Ape THANK YOU BOTH 😀 😀 😀


This section is dedicated to my blog Guests who may or may not be Authors themselves, but are vitally important to the success of Authors. Just click on their links to read more. I give you: Professional Editors: Dennis De Rose Margaret Langstaff Susan Uttendorfsky Reader/Bloggers: Colline Kook-Chun Michelle Clements James Author Support Organisations PnP Authors Promotions If YOU would […]