Meet Guest Author Robynn Gabel…

It has been established that most writers desire to write from childhood on. I am no exception, but at the age of nineteen I knew my chances of becoming a best-selling author were slim, so I chose instead to fall in love, marry, have kids and go to work. Being Attention Deficit guaranteed I would […]

#Read about Guest #Author Sherry Carroll

Hi I’m Sherry Carroll and it’s a pleasure to be read by you, I hope you’re enjoying half as much as I am. I have wanting to do one of these for ages and this is my first so you will have to bear with me. Bear with me? WHERE? Oh sorry I got distracted […]

#Read about Guest #Author Ken Benton

When I’m fly-fishing from my kayak, several processes are running. Obviously, there’s the detox program which reboots my brain. Then there’s the spiritual thread as I marvel at the incomprehensible beauty of God’s creation. But a third process is also going – one of raw inspiration. The book I’m currently writing will find its greatest […]

Guest Author Roy Dimond

Before I was a writer I was working with at-risk families as a Youth Worker. It was there that I found so many enriching and fascinating people and I often draw from that experience to find characters and plots for my novels.
I then began traveling, and have had the good fortune to find many interesting […]