The Running Conversation in Your Head…

An extract from an interesting interview by Julie Beck of The Atlantic Magazine, with  Charles Fernyhough a Professor at Durham University, U.K, and author of the book ‘The Voices Within’ Language is the hallmark of humanity—it allows us to form deep relationships and complex societies. But we also use it when we’re all alone; it […]

The Luck of Bedag Keep – Guest Post by, Jim Webster

Because I taught at least once a week at her Conservatory I feel I got to know Madam Jeen Snellflort reasonably well. I also got to know her ‘gentleman adventurers.’ I confess that out of all the adventurers who served Madam Jeen, I think Rizal Qualan was the best. It was he who took upon […]

Meet Guest Author Lori M. Schukraft…

Sometimes the hardest thing for someone to do is talk about themselves. It’s a lot easier to talk about a book or blog they write then it is to get personal. What’s even more difficult is being vulnerable. I feel exposed when I put my original writing or artwork out there for someone to see […]

Danny and the Toad

Danny and the Toad Danny the Dog here with another tale of lust and depravity—oh wait, that’s Andrew’s bailiwick. Andrew, for the few of you who don’t know, is my human who believes himself to be a writer. My stories have to do with the finer things in life. Such as rolling on the grass, […]

#Read about Guest #Author Ken Benton

When I’m fly-fishing from my kayak, several processes are running. Obviously, there’s the detox program which reboots my brain. Then there’s the spiritual thread as I marvel at the incomprehensible beauty of God’s creation. But a third process is also going – one of raw inspiration. The book I’m currently writing will find its greatest […]

An Interview with Guest Author Richard Sutton

Q: What brought you to writing? Reading. I was the kind of kid that reads both sides of the cereal box, then gets bored through the rest of breakfast. I loved books as far back as I can remember. One special book, which I still own, comes to mind. My folks would take us a […]

Meet Guest Author Nicholas C. Rossis

How to Deal with Criticism: my Advice After almost twenty years of working as web developer and almost five hundred websites later, I needed something new. So, I tried my hand in two different things; writing and finding funding for startups. My first endeavour has so far produced half a dozen children’s books, a dozen […]

Meet Guest Author Eileen Slovak

  Hello all! My name is Eileen Slovak and I am an author. Wow! It feels weird to say that. I just published my debut novel, “Secret Agent of God” with the help of Createspace and so far, it has been quite an adventure. What can I tell you about me?  People always assume I am an […]