7 Tips to Nurturing Reading

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As I said on Monday, there are a lot of threats to reading.  We don’t even realize when they are striking at times.  Most boil down to making the act of reading a chore, which nobody likes to do.  So, what are some ways to avoid this life-changing pitfall?

  1. Book clubs are a great technique for getting kids to read in class.  I don’t remember having this when I was a student, but I’ve seen it in action now.  Kids get to choose the top 3 books from a list of 5-8.  They are put in small groups where they rotate roles every week.  Then, they choose how they get through the book.  Either as a group or individually with a deadline.  They get to discuss what they’ve read too.  It isn’t perfect because you have kids who won’t do the work, but it does wonders for…

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