The Rarest Animal in the World: The Vaquita

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How rare is the vaquita?  There are only 10 left in the world.

The vaquita is a small porpoise found in the waters of Mexico.  They weren’t discovered until 1958 and now they’re almost gone.  Why?  They get tangled in gillnets being used for illegal fishing in the area.  The real target is the totoaba, which have a $4,000/pound of swim bladder price.  The vaquita are a terrible consequence of this illegal activity, which groups are trying to stop.  Yet, this cannot be accomplished without the help of the Mexican government to crackdown on illegal fishing.

Here is a site about saving the Vaquita!

So, what are some Vaquita facts?

  • They are the smallest species of porpoise at 5 feet long and 120 pounds.
  • Their most notable features are black rings around their eyes and black curved lips.  People say they look like pandas.
  • They only live in the northern…

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