Reading First Contact

If you like Sci-Fi, especially First Contact theme, these are the books for you 👍


Normally, a book series has a set reading order. Readers start with book one and move to book two, book three, etc. That’s not the case with the First Contact series.

The First Contact series is thematic rather than character driven. In other words, instead of following the same characters across dozens of books, the First Contact series follows one idea or theme over dozens of books. And this makes it quite unique. It’s the Black Mirror of book series as each story stands alone and can be read independently of any other book in the series. Think of it like The Twilight Zone or something like American Horror Story where each story is self-contained.

The advantage of this approach is we get to explore the concept of First Contact from multiple angles as though each was from a different timeline or a parallel world. Each is an experiment…

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