Unique and Critically Endangered: The Axolotl

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The axolotl is a very unique type of salamander.  We’ll get more into that with the facts because there’s a lot to delve into. I tried to write it in paragraph form, but there was so much information that it got messy.  Lists are so much neater.

First, I want to note that the axolotl is critically endangered.  There are only 50-1,000 left in the wild.  There are about 1 million in captivity though.  Why?  Axolotls are found in only one area, which is the Xochimilco lake complex near Mexico City.  With the expansion of human civilization, there has been an increase in pollution and some of their territory has dried up completely.  For example, Lake Chaco was a major habitat for axolotls, but it has destroyed.  Other threats are overfishing since they are considered a delicacy and introduction of invasive species like perches.

There is a big self-preservation reason…

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