Five Tips to Writing a Realistic Legal Thriller – by Adam Mitzner…

on Career Authors:

I’ve written ten novels, nearly all of them legal thrillers. It was a natural genre for me because before turning to creating fictional worlds of lawyers and judges, the innocent and the guilty, I was (and still am) a practicing lawyer and experienced these characters in real life. Not to mention that in my pre-writer days (and still today), I read a lot of legal thrillers. If it has a gavel or the scales of justice on its cover, it’s for me. (Side note: none of my books have a gavel, but my most recent — Love Betrayal Murder — does have scales.)

That dual experience — living the life and reading the books (good and bad) — serve as a indispensable guidepost for my own legal thrillers, informing what has to be included and what I need to avoid at all costs.

Here are five things I strive to achieve in all my legal thrillers:

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