UTI’s in your pets.

S C Richmond

Keep them happy and healthy.

Some useful information, especially with the rumour of warm weather to come, please make sure your pets have access to clean water at all times. Sometimes UTI’s can be caused just because they’re not drinking enough to flush their systems through.

The most common cause of lower urinary tract disease in many animals is bacterial cystitis. Cystitis is defined as any inflammation of the bladder wall, the usual cause for such inflammation is a bacterial infection.

Cystitis comes about when bacteria finds its way to the bladder either from the kidneys, through blood circulation or most commonly via the urethra, and such infections can be caused by a variety of reasons.Certain underlying medical conditions can predispose the body to these infections, such as Diabetes, Cushing’s disease and long-term steroid use. Additionally, physical abnormalities such as bladder stones, polyps, tumours can irritate the bladder lining making…

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