Blowhards I have known

The latest news from Tallis, Port Naain 😃

Tallis Steelyard

You might wonder what possessed me to write this piece. After all, it involves me discussing petty, small minded, individuals; pompous and boastful. Surely the last thing they will want is to be categorised as a blowhard. Surely by writing this I induce raging fury within their breasts? The answer to that is as it so often is, both yes and no.
Such is the nature of the blowhard, their opinion of themselves is so high that they automatically assume a piece like this is written about somebody else. Indeed I have known them sit chuckling at a piece that is largely based on them. They even summon friends and acquaintances to listen to them read it. Indeed I know one who stood up in a bar to read it to the assembled throng. Although the account described him in some detail (more detail than was wise, to be honest)…

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