A Medieval Nightmare

All was not exactly what you read in medieval romantic novels 🤔

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Don’t we all know the wonderful romantic History Love stories, situated in medieval England, where when royalty was still royalty… and every noble family was more or less related to the king, a few direct blood lines, but most of them from illegal descendants…

All these princesses and princes, dukes, lords, and ladies were always beautiful, images for health and happiness, slim, ‘muscular’ or ‘full-breasted’, depending on the gender identification…

And they kept falling in love – ALL THE TIME! Lowly servants never fell in love… only noble people did… and everything was always beautiful (except the old and evil villain, of course, who threatened to unjustly rob the young ladies’ virtue). And they lived happily ever after.


Okay, time for a bit reality!

The ‘Middle Ages’, or ‘Medieval’ began after the collapse of the Roman Empire, around the late 5th century and lasted until approx. the late…

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