13 Tips for Authors in Creating Successful Book Signings – by Dr. Judith Briles…

on The Book Shepherd:

It’s been 40 years since I had my first book signing. From the What am I doing to do? To the let’s create a special event to private homes teas and brunches to launching in a bookstore to a conference packed with attendees … I’ve learn a lot.

I’ll never forget my debut appearance as a blushing newbie author. My signing was at a bookstore in Palo Alto, California on a Thursday evening in June of 1981. I had just been featured on Good Morning America and had no idea what to expect.

What happened was magic—the store was packed and 100 books were carried out the door in the arms of happy buyers. I was so honored … almost giggly with the evening’s outcome. Back then, there was no social media or email. Just plain “old-fashioned” postcard invitations sent out by the bookstore to their customers and the names and addresses I had given them.

No one prepared me or offered tips and suggestions on what to do. All I remember was smiling—lots—laughing and having a good time … and just signing my name. All I knew was that there would be a table that I would sit at and books to sign.

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