The World’s Heaviest Parrot: The Kakapo

Legends of Windemere

I forgot when I stumbled onto this critically endangered bird.  The Kakapo is found in New Zealand and there are only 248 alive in the world.  The threats that they face are numerous including genetic inbreeding and infertility.  These were caused by the the introduction of predators such as cats and stoats.  Rats go for the eggs too.  There is also a respiratory disease caused by the fungus aspergillus, which has laid waste to the population.  There is a conservation program that is hoping to help them recover, but it is a major uphill battle.  One tactic has been to keep them on two predator free islands where they are monitored while other island are located.

Now, what is a Kakapo?

This is a large, flightless parrot that weighs 4.4-8.8 pounds.  They are nocturnal and live on the ground, which is why they are susceptible to predators.  Kakapo are also…

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