Ever so good with children

Meet Maurgery Chub, babysitter extraordinaire 😃

Tallis Steelyard

One thing ladies always say to me. “Maurgery Chub is so good with children.” Certainly she is Port Naain’s leading babysitter. Rather than abandon their child to the servants, or to some fourteen year old girl who took the role so she could flirt out of the window with a gentleman admirer of her own age, ladies would insist on hiring Maurgery.

It must be admitted that she has been very successful over the years. Young women whose mother once employed Maurgery to look after them, in turn went to her when they needed somebody to look after their children for an evening.

Now she was not a nursery nurse. She turned down many offers of full employment. She is a babysitter and charges strictly by the hour (hours after midnight double). This in itself seemed to provide reassurance for nervous mothers. She is justly proud of her reputation as…

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