Weekend Serial — Atonement in Zugzwang: Episode 3, Featuring Dan Antion

There’s a LOT to digest in this episode, and an interesting disappearance is one of them 😃

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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Image by Dan AntionImage by Dan Antion

Welcome to my sanctuary, everyone.  After another rough week, I hope you are ready to enter this safe place and relax.

The random reader things, which drive this episode are from fellow blogger and new author, Dan Antion.  Last year he gradually released three books of a series.  And a little bird told me that he is working on another book that might be related to that Dreamers Aliance series.  Look for links at the end of this post.

I can always count on Dan for great things that fit the context of the story.  His random things for today are: engraved silver tweezers, blue glass bottle, and brass latch.

The layers of mystery in this serial are increasing.  I’m also giving cameo appearances to a number of minor characters from the novels.  If you missed an…

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Serial — Atonement in Zugzwang: Episode 3, Featuring Dan Antion

  1. Huge thanks for reblogging, Chris. Yes, I’m afraid this is a story that will require readers to pay attention… But skimmers may enjoy it too.
    I hope that you and the Missus have had a great week. Spring has sprung here, or at least the weeds have. 😹🙊😺

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