The Harpiinae Family: 1 Hawk and 3 Eagles

Legends of Windemere

I was looking for non-mammals and stumbled onto this curious subfamily of birds of prey.  They are called the Harpiinae, which have large broad-winged birds.  Let me break them down:

Bat Hawk

Bat Hawk– This is the 1 hawk in the group and it is named after its favorite food.  They actually catch bats and swallow them whole in midflight. They do have long wings even though they’re a hawk.  Found in Sub-Saharan Africa, south Asia, and New Guinea, the bat hawk has a wide range.  This makes it generally least concerned, but some local populations are listed as endangered such as in South Africa.

Crested Eagle

Crested Eagle– This eagle can reach a wingspan of 69 inches.  It is found in Central and South America.  It hunts by waiting and scanning the area before attacking prey instead of flying around.  They are classified as near threatened due…

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