The Keeper of Records

Tallis Steelyard

What is a lady to do? Anata Tapstick has been married to Theophilus Tapstick for more years that she can remember, and in all candour, it is her husband’s fault. He is, or was (or perhaps will be) a mage, but also a savant and a philosopher. Personally I feel it is the philosopher who led the savant and mage astray.

With mages, yes life can be nasty, brutal, and come to a spectacularly unpleasant ending; but it takes philosophy to get you into really serious trouble. The issue with Theophilus is that he got interested in gods and suchlike. Not for him just dabbling in forbidden knowledge. Or having a household where sylphs and similar acted as servants, and dark powers were trapped by mighty incantations to provide lighting and hot water.
No, Theophilus was a nice chap, and by all accounts was a doting and loyal husband. Anata…

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