Any Tea for Dogs???

Dog owners please note 🐶

S C Richmond

Thank you to the Kennel Club for this information.

I hope it helps keep your beautiful four legged family members happy and healthy.

Can dogs drink tea?

Our dogs are part of our families, and we like to share many of life’s pleasures with them, but should that include a brew?

Many of us enjoy a good cup of tea: for the flavour, the ritual, the comfort, or the pick-me-up that its caffeine brings. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system delivering a welcome boost when we’ve just woken up, or we’re feeling a bit weary. In our busy lives this is a handy bonus to a pleasant beverage.

However, dogs don’t tend to lead such hectic lives as we do, they take full advantage of any opportunity to nap, and it’s rare to see an animal awaken unrefreshed. So caffeine is unnecessary to them. Not only that, but they’re not capable…

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