Old enough to know better

Meet Seldon Veracity, blowhard extraordinaire.

Oh and btw, Jim’s book: Tallis Steelyard. A guide for writers, and other stories. Is highly recommended by me and numerous other reviewers, so why not check it out 😃

Tallis Steelyard

Obviously no tale about behaviour this petty could have originated in Port Naain. In point of fact I came across it in Avitas one year when I was spending a season there. I was both remarkably successful in Avitas at the time, and I had a dark suspicion that memories in Port Naain had not yet faded.

But it was in Avitas that I came upon Seldon Veracity. He was a lawyer’s clerk of considerable antiquity. Of such considerable antiquity that he was no longer employed as such, but he felt that the chambers would have collapsed utterly were he not to attend to keep things in order, so he still spent a considerable amount of time there.

He did stop me in the street at one point to berate me about my standard of dress. I pointed out that I was a poet, not an undertaker, and I dressed…

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