Please sit still.

Can an artist capture a soul? 😱

Tallis Steelyard

I confess I’ve always taken pleasure in fine paintings. Given that I cannot draw to save my life, and have never had any skill in that direction, I suppose I can contemplate the work of the artist without jealousy. Or at least I am equally jealous of all accomplished painters, so I contend that this cancels out and means I am as unbiased an observer as you could ask for.

But I remember seeing a painting done by a friend of mine, Nemo Kettlethrong. Now by any standards, Nemo was good. But I feel that in one picture he excelled himself. At one point he went through a period of almost intense fussiness. Everything was flounced and tasselled. Admittedly fashion was heading in that way but Nemo was ahead of the field. Indeed he did one still life where the centrepiece was a teapot entirely overwhelmed by a tea cosy…

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