The Umbrellabirds! (Sounds like a Decent Rock Band)

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Legends of Windemere

Been looking for some birds to do, but so many species have tons of subspecies.  So, they seemed to massive to tackle.  Then, I found these guys who were named by Sir Alfred Wallace in the 1800’s.

Umbrellabirds get their names from their distinctive hoods.  There are only three species and two are endangered due to habitat loss.  These solitary birds are found in the rainforests of Central and South America.  Umbrellabirds aren’t great fliers and can really only go for short distances.  This is due to their larger size, which forces them to usually bounce among the branches.  To be clear, they aren’t huge, but they are big (14-19.5 inches; .77-1.26 lbs; 26-28 in wingspan) for their body structure.

These birds have a wattle, which can inflate to create a booming call.  This has earned them the nickname of ‘Piper-Bird’ from Native Americans.  Umbrellabirds have one of the deepest…

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