A young woman at a window?

Romance … Port Naain style 🤗

Tallis Steelyard

My way of life means that I can be found walking through this city late at night, or even early in the morning, for perfectly respectable reasons.

After all, I can hardly tell the hostess and her hard pressed household staff that I have to go home to my bed when they still have two hours of tidying up to cope with before they can get to theirs. So I often arrive home in what are romantically called ‘the small hours.’

To be honest there is nothing romantic about them. In my experience they tend to be cold, or at least colder than the rest of the day; dark, and distinctly dreary. There is no fun or frivolity at that time. The last happy drunk has made it home, those left are too drunk to move without being pushed in a wheelbarrow. Indeed the drunks you do find tend to…

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