Dynamic vs Static Characters

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Legends of Windemere

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I was on the fence about writing about this because I thought it was a given.  Then, I ran into people who didn’t know the difference.  Others swore that a good story is one where the main character doesn’t change.  Guess we live in a world where ideal heroes are preferred over flawed ones.  I mean, really flawed characters instead of slapping arrogance or a mild shellfish allergy, which don’t cause any issues.  Okay, I’ll get back to this rant in a bit.

What are we talking about here?

Dynamic Characters–  These are the ones that change over the course of a story.  They are your protagonists and antagonists, but can also be supporting characters.  The whole point of them is that they do not end a story where they started.  Their flaws are conquered or accepted, which makes them stronger.  It isn’t the toys and…

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