Author Month: The Hardest Habit to Break

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We were all new authors at some point.  Not that we weren’t writing before for school or other reasons.  It’s just that there was a point where we decided to take the trade seriously and refine our abilities.  Of course, this is usually after we’ve developed some terrible habits that nobody would correct in every day life.  It is funny how we have to be grammatically correct when writing, but not really when speaking.  This is why dialogue can be a nightmare with editing.

I’ve had some doozies in my life.  Overusing the word ‘just’ or ‘only’.  Not knowing any dialogue tags other than ‘says’, ‘asks’, and ‘exclaims’.  Having no idea how to use commas until after college.  All of these pale in comparison to the first habit, which is what led to a major aspect of my style.

In high school, I started trying to write…

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7 thoughts on “Author Month: The Hardest Habit to Break

  1. My most offending problem I still suffer with: your. No matter which one I need, I always type “your.” Spend lots and lots of time editing them. But what can I do but laugh at myself and keep clicking edit/find.

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