The Wombat: No It Doesn’t Have Wings

Legends of Windemere

I vaguely remember learning about the wombat when I was about 5 or 6.  My parents taped a lot of nature shows for me to rewatch and one of them was on Australia.  That was a favorite, so I watched it all the time.  The wombat had maybe a 3-5 minute piece that didn’t go into any details.  Other animals were more interesting, but it was enough that I knew what it was.  So, what is it?

A wombat is a marsupial from Australia and looks like a large rodent.  They are short, four-legged animals that can bowl a person over or bite through a boot.  They are also known to go through fences that happen to be in their way, so they are clearly stronger than they look.  Wombats are burrowers, which is why they have adapted to have a backwards facing pouch.  This means that they don’t get…

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