The World’s Largest Deer: The Moose

Legends of Windemere

In America, we call this animal a moose.  I learned that in Eurasia, it’s called an elk.  We use that word for another member of the deer family, which is also called a wapiti.  This is done to clarify a few things for my followers who are on the other side of the Atlantic.  So, here we have the moose.

I did try to get one picture of each of the subspecies, but most of the ones I found simply said ‘moose’.  A lot of them were also of dead moose who had been shot by hunters who proudly stood over them with guns.  Even with the hunting and a problem with parasites, the moose population holds strong.  They aren’t endangered and have few predators outside of humans, who can’t win without guns.  Wolves as a pack, brown bears, Siberian tigers, and one I’ll mention later are it.  So, there…

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