How TikTok (#BookTok) Works for All Authors and Genres – by Sue Coletta…

on Anne R. Allen:

When the buzz of TikTok started spreading, I wanted no part of it. With two Facebook accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Goodreads, etc. the last thing I needed was another social media site. I could barely juggle the audience I’d amassed on social media over the last twelve years.

Then I discovered #BookTok, and my outlook changed.

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8 thoughts on “How TikTok (#BookTok) Works for All Authors and Genres – by Sue Coletta…

  1. I would certainly recommend to authors/poets to give Tiktok a try. I find that my Tiktok receives quite a few views and attracts both likes and comments. I also find that those who view my work on Tiktok are (for the most part) not the same as those who follow my blog. Consequently Tiktok is a good way of reaching people you might well otherwise fail to reach. I do, however still believe there remains a place for blogs/websites. Indeed you can, on your Tiktok profile include your blog’s address. Kevin

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