The Inky Fingered Gentlemen

An insight to one of Port Naain’s quirky, but worryingly familiar (not secret, but not talked much about) ‘Societies’ 🤔

Tallis Steelyard

I suppose most people have heard of the Reverential, Bounteous, and Peculiar Guild of Scriveners of Port Naain. I suppose it isn’t an entirely secret society, but nobody ever admits to being a member, even if they wear a small silver pen nib on the reverse of their jacket lapel.

The membership originally seems to have consisted of male clerks who banded together, in theory to provide members with mutual support in the face of harsh oppression on the part of their masters. As it is, the guild has largely colonised the offices of usurers, lawyers, and those who hold minor clerical posts and are paid by the city of Port Naain.

In recent years the guild also draws members from the class of small shopkeepers who feel themselves to be victims of the paper pushing classes; and such small businessmen who have hopes of winning contracts with various city…

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