Contextually Appropriate

The Incumbent gives a masterclass in the art of obfuscation šŸ˜‚

Tallis Steelyard

It is not often I am summoned to appear before the Autocephalous Patriarch and frankly the less often it happens, the happier I am. I have noticed that it is rare for such worthies to send me a note saying something along the lines of, ā€œTallis, old chap, drop round for a spot of lunch and we can discuss publishing your next collection of verse.ā€
No, they only ever notice you when, frankly, the great and the good would serve us better by glancing elsewhere.

The cause of my summons was the dung rolling of Tullon Splart. Now to be fair, whilst I had not lobbied for his dung rolling, or even so much as touched the barrel, I fully approved of the action, and in all candour, still do. Lying as poorly as he did verges on casual disrespect.

For those who donā€™t know what dung rolling involves, theā€¦

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