The Tall, Long-Necked Ratites

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Legends of Windemere

Originally, I was going to do a post for each one, but I found that the subspecies all looked the same.  That was becoming an issue for previous posts where I didn’t know if I had the right subspecies.  So, I decided to simply make a big post about 4 of the 5 ratites.  One gets its own post next Sunday.

A ratite is usually a tall, long-necked flightless bird with the exception of the one we’ll see another day.  I’m sure someone will spoil it in the comments.  Anyway, this group includes the following animals:

  • Ostrich
  • Emu
  • Rhea
  • Cassowary
  • Moa (Extinct)
  • Elephant Bird (Extinct)

Early humans hunted the last two into extinction, so we only have skeletons.  This means we’ll stick to the four living ones.

Rhea, Emu, and Ostrich have all been sources of food and clothing decorations.  They have also been raised on farms to make sure…

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