The joy of the self-anointed.

Even Port Naain has folks of the ‘entitled’ persuasion…

Tallis Steelyard

Ordinations are a matter for the Office of the Combined Hierophants of Aea. All orders, from The Order of Aea Undivided downwards, will put candidates forward. The office will consider them and if there is any doubt, they will discuss matters with the nominating order. If, after a frank and open exchange of view, harmony prevails, then the Office of the Combined Hierophants of Aea will do the appropriate paperwork. This completed, the nominating order will then formally ordain their candidate. This is a very formal service, culminating with the ritual anointing, which means that the candidate is now a priest. For the vast majority of candidates it is one of the most important days of their lives, and even elderly hierophants will be able to describe their great day, perhaps forty years before, in considerable detail.

But there are many for whom the whole process is far too proscriptive…

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5 thoughts on “The joy of the self-anointed.

  1. Alas we do, one tries to weed them out, but like everywhere else we suffer from people who are great only in their own minds 😦
    Ah for the good old days when there were brisker methods of dealing with them 🙂

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