Inspiration Under the Sun

Deborah Grant-Dudley

How does inspiration work?

Have you ever wondered why inspiration strikes when it does? Or why we are all inspired by different experiences?

Maybe there really are muses who guide us to create our best work.

Image of bubbles floating to the surface of a body of water, beneath the glow of the sun.
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What is a muse?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a muse is ‘a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist’. For me, it’s the voice in my head that tells me to wait, or go back, or do that thing I’m feeling uncertain about. I usually hear it when I’ve encountered something I haven’t taken the time to mindfully experience.

I’ve learned to listen to that voice because, whoever she is, she clearly knows best. Mindfulness makes room for thoughts and feelings that might otherwise never exist.

Why aren’t muses on duty all the time?

I’ve just spent ten days in Sardinia…

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