Things To Accept When You Put A Book Into The World

K.M. Allan

There’s a lot of work and emotion that goes into putting a book into the world. After all, it comes off the back of years of writing, self-doubt, triumphs, rejections, and elation.

There are expectations too, your own and from others, but like the meticulous planning of your novel that went out the window with draft seven, you can’t control expectations or how your book will be received.

What you can do is accept that you’ve reached a huge goal, and a few other things, such as the following…

Things To Accept When You Put A Book Into The World

You’ll Get Support… The First Time Around

If the book you’re putting into the world is your first release, congrats! There will be plenty of support.

If you’re active in the writing community and have supportive friends and family, everyone will be just as excited as you. They’ll…

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