How to Shorten Your Sentences: 6 Easy Tips – by Jackie Pearce…

on The Write Life:

When it comes to writing, oftentimes less is better. Learning how to shorten your sentences can give your writing the flow it needs to hook readers.

Even if your writing style is long, flowing sentences, you might want to challenge yourself to see if you can say the same thing but cut out all the unnecessary words.

Hemingway was famous for a minimalistic-style of writing that focused on short sentences that got right to the point. If you ever read his books, you’ll see it as a constant style throughout.

It’s not everyone’s personal writing style, but if you want to shorten your sentences, this article will walk you through how to shorten them, some tips and tricks to make it easier, and then show you some examples.

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3 thoughts on “How to Shorten Your Sentences: 6 Easy Tips – by Jackie Pearce…

  1. Yeah, I get the need for shorter sentences in digital conversations, be they text, tweets, etc, but in the examples given, the authors voice was completely lost, and that, I would argue, is the most important part of writing/telling a story.

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