Dealing with the entitled

Tallis Steelyard

This lady has mastered an expression much used by temple wardens

There is a rumour circulating that temple wardens are specifically excluded from having to follow those Precepts of Aea about personal behaviour. Normally there is stress laid upon being generous, compassionate and kind. Instead temple wardens are allowed to follow a lesser precept which states that they must be no more rude and brusque than the person they are dealing with. Otherwise their job would be impossible.
Admittedly it is a rumour spread mainly by temple wardens, and frankly the main hope is that it will eventually reach the ears of Aea and she will realise the nature of her oversight and hastily reword the precepts to bring them into line with accepted practice.

Alas in spite of our best efforts, it remains but a rumour. Aea, like her priests, is obviously adverse to anything that smacks of administrative…

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