The Endangered Giants: Elephants

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Legends of Windemere

I was surprised to see that I never made an animal post about elephants.  Didn’t even have them on my list.  Maybe I did it and can’t find it, but you would think they would be early in my posting of endangered animals.  After all, most people know about elephants and how they are endangered.

The World Wildlife Organization has a great site about them.  I’ll paraphrase since I don’t think I have to explain much.

There are two species:

  • The African Elephant is the bigger one with the subspecies of the Savanna Elephant and Forest Elephant.  The Savanna one is the most common subspecies and what you probably think of first. They live on the plains and is the largest of the elephants.  The Forest subspecies is more elusive since they live in rainforests.  Differences between the two include ear size, tusk size, and family size.  For example, Savanna…

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