A very limited edition

Poets cannot live by eating their words you know…

Tallis Steelyard

I might well have intimated previously, it can be difficult to get published. Oh anybody can copy their work onto the harsh brown wrapping paper used by so many of those who deliver parcels. But even if you use good ink, it soon fades. However enthusiastically you tout your work, you’ll be lucky to be offered more than two or three dregs for it, and that from somebody who does deliveries and reckons to use the paper again for its proper purpose, just as soon as the ink has faded.

But when dealing with printers and publishers they adopt an entirely hardnosed approach to your work. They care little for artistic verisimilitude. Indeed they show no concern as to whether it represents an authentic voice, or even whether it hides within itself immortal couplets which will return over the years to haunt the reader’s imagination. They merely care whether they…

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