Wednesday Writing, #ThursdayDoors, & Saturday Serial — Call for Photogs & Artists

Teagan is asking photographers and artists to send her three images that will prompt and illustrate a story 😃

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022 

How’s that for a post title?  Yes, it’s mindboggling — and yes, I couldn’t decide what day to post, because I had many things to mention, but not a lot to say about any of them.  Ha!
Armadillo Files characters & door by TeaganArmadillo Files characters by Teagan

For those of you who are relatively new here, I’m the founder of “The Three Things Method of Storytelling.” I established this blog by writing serial stories where I ask readers to leave three random things, which drive the spontaneously written, utterly unplanned stories.  In return I feature links to that blogger when their things show up in an episode.  Plus, it lets the reader take an active part in the storytelling.

My current serial, The Armadillo Files will end in five weeks.  (Characters behind the door above: front row left to right: Henry Apesley (hiding behind the wall), feline pilots Peggy Sue and…

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