Three is company?

A follow up to Margarita’s desire for babies ( see here ), and it’s all Laxey’s fault according to Maljie 😱

Tallis Steelyard

Obviously I wasn’t present when this happened. To be fair, I had made very certain that I wasn’t present. It is just that I felt that I had already done more than could be reasonably expected of me when I arranged for a baby (plus a nurse) to be delivered to Margarita, Maljie’s sister. Only her comment that she wanted twins, the second in eight months or so, stopped me lingering to bask in what little acclaim would come my way.

As it was, I decided that it was time to travel and was in Oiphallarian, catching up with friends and rebuilding my relationships with patrons. Meanwhile back in Port Naain, it was Laxey who had the dubious honour of trying to find a second child for Margarita. As it was he made a momentous discovery.

There is an all-lady institution called the Natal Deluge. By definition, no man is…

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