No older than you need to be

Maljie’s sister, Margarita, is feeling broody 😱

Tallis Steelyard

I was lying in bed one night, I had somehow drifted awake. I lay there listening to the rain drumming on the roof of the barge. Before I drifted inconsequentially back to sleep, one name occurred to me. Madam Nita Horsefall.
Madam Nita was, and here I must insist, is, somewhat older than me. I was a young poet when I first met her and confess that somehow we ‘hit it off’ from first meeting. She obviously liked my style of poetry which often gives the impression of being a little improvised, or even off the cuff. I confess to loving her wit and humour. But also she was a remarkably kind lady as well. She also had the knack of drawing personal information from you.

So I had barely been in conversation with her for ten minutes before she had elicited my date of birth and age. Almost gleefully…

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