Love’s Labours Rediscovered

Deborah Grant-Dudley

10 ways to fit books into your life again

I often hear people say they don’t have time to read. Another way of looking at this is that they prioritise other things over reading. And of course, much of the time, they need to do that. But we can choose what we do with at least some of our time. And we can change those choices when our lives change. Otherwise, our precious time might not be working for us.

I’ve also heard people say they don’t even like reading. This tells me they haven’t enjoyed the books they’ve read in the past. Does it follow that there aren’t any books out there they would enjoy now? With millions of books available, and multiple ways to read them, that seems unlikely.

With a slight shift in mindset, you can fit books into your life again.

Here are some ways to…

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