World’s Smallest Cat: Rusty Spotted Cat

It’s AWWWW time – see the two videos on Charles’ original blog post 😺

Legends of Windemere

They weigh 1.8-3.5 pound.

They are 14-19 inches long without counting the 7-9.5 inch tail.

And those are the adult sizes for the Rusty Spotted Cat.

They are the world’s smallest cats and they are found in Sri Lanka and India.  As you would expect, they hunt really small animals like mice, birds, frogs, and insects.  They are nocturnal and live in rocky, deciduous forests, which gives them a lot of hiding places.  It’s why they are so rare and elusive.

Of course, they’re also rare because they are considered ‘Near Threatened’.  This is due to the overall population being fragmented, which reduces the breeding pool.  Part of this is due to replacing the forests with farmland.  The rusty spotted cat has been seen in cultivated areas, but it is unclear how well they have adapted.  Another threat, as usual, is hunting them for their skins or killing them because…

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