The Infinite Rituals of the Inapposite

Meet Valdor Saban, a living saint…

Tallis Steelyard

What people don’t seem to realise is that when it comes to matters of minor ritual and similar, a temple warden is never wrong. Thus, when lighting the candles which illuminate the altar area, there is a set way to light them. The rule is that if you walk in from the main door and envisage yourself leaping forward and floating high above the altar, one lights them in an anti-clockwise direction. So one starts with the candle that is furthest to the right and lights that before proceeding round in order.

Should you see your temple warden light in a clockwise direction, then do not assume they are in error. Should one raise this matter with, for example, Maljie, she would merely point out that the reason is that it is one of the lesser feasts, such as is celebrated only in Ordinary Years. Indeed on one wall in…

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