Is Amazon’s Kindle Ebook Refund Policy 14 Or 7 Days? – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

You quite often read posts by authors complaining about Amazon’s Kindle ebook refund policy.

Yes, it seems a little unfair that readers can buy an ebook, read it, then return it for a full refund.

But how long do readers have to claim a refund? If you have read a few articles on this topic, you will see that some say seven days, and others say fourteen.

So who’s right?

In This Article

Amazon’s Kindle ebook return policy is either 7 or 14 days

Kindle ebook refund terms by country
Should you worry about refunds?
The Audible refund policy is a different issue
You can only control what you can control

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7 thoughts on “Is Amazon’s Kindle Ebook Refund Policy 14 Or 7 Days? – by Derek Haines…

  1. I just had an ebook returned after about 10 days. Plenty of time to have read it in full twice over. I hate this policy. But at least it’s not a ridiculous year as is Audible. Thanks for sharing, Chris 💕🙂

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